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The National Referral Center offers accessible, affordable help for those dealing with serious, life-altering addictions and mental health concerns throughout the world. With a robust, searchable directory that includes from free to low-cost and customizable addiction and mental health services – to the most prestigious and highly effective treatment available in the world. We empower those seeking treatment – and their loved ones – to quickly locate tailored programs that meet their individual needs.

Local, Tailored Addiction Treatment Options

At the National Referral Center, we understand the exhausting and emotional journey that has led our clients to begin their path to recovery. When seeking help that best fits your needs, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of therapeutic programs available, trying to discern local, low-cost options amid a sea of marketing targeted at those seeking treatment. At the National Referral Center, we act as an on-call treatment guide, helping you navigate your treatment options. We approach our treatment guidance with your best interest being our priority, aiding the people we serve in providing the most effective level of help they may need in order to make a well-informed, educated decision about the most effective choice for your circumstances.

The National Referral Center Mission

The National Referral Center acts both as an information clearinghouse and impartial guide as you select viable treatment programs in your area. Our directory service is highly localized, pointing you towards the most conveniently located options in your area first, eliminating the need for unnecessary travel, treatment relocation or the adjustment to a new environment. Our referrals also span a wide variety of disciplines, offering help with chemical dependencies, eating disorders, depression interventions, family counseling, behavioral addictions, mental health problems and post-traumatic stress disorder. Each of our resource partners are thoroughly vetted to ensure the highest standards of transparency, professionalism and service quality.

Multi-Level Addiction and Mental Health Assistance

Our services are individualized to suit your particular needs, your financial resources and the amount of guidance you require.
There are three primary levels of service we provide to help you choose the right program for your recovery.


  • Core Membership
    Our core membership provides you with a comprehensive database of resources, which you can search according to your own criteria. This service level is most appropriate for those who already know what type of treatment they want. The National Referral Center Directory always provides wide-ranging, carefully vetted treatment options in your neighborhood first. Our tailored service finds the most intensive, dedicated programs in your area and within your budget, regardless of your means.

  • Customized Placement Service
    As they embark on recovery, many individuals have little or no familiarity with the options available to them and the implications of differing services at their disposal. For these clients, our specialized placement service provides a personal phone counseling option along with the standard database access. You will be able to talk with an addiction referral specialist who will walk you through the process of choosing an appropriate treatment model, based on your personal history, preferences and budget. 

  • Specialized Information
    Those who need information about specific elements of the mental health or addiction recovery process can benefit from our specialized informational packet. A professional, downloadable informational pack walks you through every aspect of treatment, from an at-home intervention guide to aftercare considerations. This option allows individuals and loved ones to play a powerful role in the recovery process, with the benefit of professional guidance.