Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is one of the most important services we provide at the National Referral Center. When a crisis hits, finding fast and reliable intervention services is crucial. At the National Referral Center, we specialize in helping families in crisis. Our clientele often face severe circumstances that require immediate, expert attention, having survived drug and alcohol overdoses, suicide attempts, psychotic breaks, domestic violence incidents, or episodes of sexual abuse. We understand that time is of the essence in crisis situations, and our services provide both expedient, professional intervention and ongoing support for individuals in need.

Timely, Tailored Crisis Intervention Services

When you’re facing serious mental health or addiction issues, the stress and emotional upheaval a crisis causes can add pressure to the search for treatment. The National Referral Center Directory acts as a fast, reliable roadmap to affordable, immediately accessible crisis support services. Whether a crisis has taken your family by surprise, or simply escalated beyond your control, we can help you locate therapeutic options within your means and area. From sliding-scale county services to world-class treatment centers, our extensive roster of crisis resources includes intervention professionals who specialize in executing clear, focused plans of actions for virtually every situation.

Crisis Intervention Guides
The National Referral Center provides immediate resources for dealing with serious situations in our crisis intervention guide. An extensive, educational manual, the crisis intervention guide allows you to download information in an instant about how to facilitate an intervention, mental health evaluation, or provide support to a loved amid a profound personal disaster.  Geared to fast action, our in-depth guide covers crisis management best practices, intervention guidelines and potential modes of treatment in a straightforward, easily understandable electronic booklet. We offer information regarding several types of crisis, including mental health issues such as psychotic episodes, addiction issues such as overdose or escalating substance abuse, traumatic events such as rape, assault or serious accident, and behavioral problems such as domestic abuse.

Crisis Intervention Professional Referrals

At-home intervention can provide several benefits in a crisis, preventing escalation, breaking denial, preventing further legal or health consequences, and ushering those in need into immediate care. At the National Referral Center, we work with an extensive, reputable network of professional interventionists who can provide streamlined intervention services in your locale and within your budget. We also offer personalized placement services for those requiring long-term care, including alcohol- and drug-dependent individuals, trauma survivors, and those suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, mood and personality disorders and schizophrenia. Our crisis support specialists will patiently listen to your story and guide you through the treatment selection process to place you in affordable, accessible care as soon as possible.

Crisis Legal Support Services

In addition to information about crisis intervention, the National Referral Center can also match you with legal professionals to help you navigate both criminal and civil judicial issues. From alternative sentencing advocacy and DUI representation to mental competency hearings or survivor rights, our legal representatives include attorneys with extensive resumes representing parties both for the prosecution and defense. With compassionate, knowledgeable expertise, our legal support team can help advise you and advocate on your behalf as you deal with the legal system.