At the National Referral Center, we understand how overwhelming it can be to sort through available options for treating drug or alcohol addiction, particularly amid the unique struggles involved with chemical dependency. In an addiction industry dominated by high-priced, coastal treatment centers and aggressive marketing, those with limited finances often face added difficulty as they attempt to find nearby treatment they can afford.

Chemical Dependency Help at Your Fingertips

In keeping with our mission, the National Referral Center connects you to reasonably priced, comprehensive and local chemical dependency help. Staffed by trained addiction placement specialists, we also can provide individualized guidance in selecting a treatment option that fits your specialized needs, demographic, personal preferences and your budget all at once. Our rigorously vetted listings provide the power of choice, ranging from luxury residential centers situated at a distance to local low- or no-cost treatment programs, including government-sponsored facilities and neighborhood 12-step groups.

Personalized Chemical Dependency Care

At the National Referral Center, we specialize in creating a customized fit between individual needs and behavioral health treatment programs. Unlike other referral services, we have no bias towards a given treatment program, instead providing the most comprehensive list of options suited to your needs.

Each program we list is staffed with highly trained professionals offering up-to-date therapies for drug and alcohol addictions. Our chemical dependency treatment listings span a wide variety of addiction care specialties, from detoxification facilities to intensive, residential programs. We also provide access certified, professional interventionists, sober companions shadowing services, and sober living options for those making the transition to sobriety after successful treatment.

Narrow Your Treatment Options by Preference

Our core membership offers fast and easy access to chemical dependency treatment programs across the nation, fully customized with simply a few clicks. You can further filter treatment options according to price, specialties, program location and duration, treatment modalities and geographic region. Our customized listings also can be sorted by demographic, offering dedicated chemical dependency help targeted at specific ages, genders, or secondary mental health issues.

Guided Treatment Selection

At the National Referral Center, we empathize with the sheer overwhelm that treatment selection can cause as you seek treatment for yourself or on behalf of a loved one. We offer customized addiction treatment placement to demystify the rehabilitation process, guided by recovery specialists. Our staff members patiently explain each aspect of treatment, creating focus for your addiction recovery search. Whether you have PPO or HMO insurance – or none at all – we can locate treatment centers situated in your area that comfortably fit within your financial means. In a confidential, in-depth phone appointment, our highly trained counselors walk you step by step through the treatment selection process, answering questions and guiding you to the most appropriate resource for your particular needs.

Our Extensive, Empowering Addiction Library

The National Referral Center maintains an extensive library of informational materials on chemical dependency topics, geared at families in crisis. With step-by-step guides and straightforward answers to alcoholism and drug addiction treatment questions, our addiction resources provide the information you need to handle a chemical dependency crisis with compassion and effectiveness. Our downloadable informational book proves particularly useful for those families newly faced with addiction issues, individuals desiring to maximize limited resources, or simply for those seeking to make informed therapeutic decisions.

Expert Addiction Liaisons

At the National Referral Center, we also offer access to legal and sobriety specialists you may need when dealing with chemical dependency. We can provide you with access to addiction attorneys specializing in management of criminal drug or DUI cases, often indispensible in handling paperwork, certifications and alternative sentencing. Other available services also include our Sober Concierge program, which provides a trained professional to act as your companion during the crucial aftercare period following professional treatment.